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America's Sports Center. in both the promotion and playing the games themselves is New York City - along with very, very supportive urban communities [ I.E.: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Islands, and Long Island - not to mention some Jersey communities. ]. Most baseball future stars started in several neighborhoods --- especially true for larger than life urban centers --- with StickBall where there is no available near by baseball field; they are they grassroots of BaseBall. And Thus: It is here where the historic - Iconic Yankee Stadium once stood, the stadium that Babe Ruth built during the rich history of the New York Yankees. At one time there was somethng called The Brooklyn Dodgers, as I used to remember their name, ( existed 1913 until 1957 ) but with Los Angeles uping - urgings what it had to offer, the team became the Los Angeles Dodgers; this did not take from the city's National Urban Center global title, nevertheless. Nor did the loss of the New Giants who became The San Francisco Giants. But for baseball New York City became a professional baseball birthing marketing process; the single aspect which the The State of California Chamber of Commerce detailed in its analysis, and eventual approach to wo these teams into The State of California discovered. The New York City's Sports Fever, however, gave birth to the New York Mets; and, of - course, there have been attempts to lure this away after it became an established market within the Media - BroadCasting Industry; there even the big dare to lure The New York Yankees - " OH MY G - D. Lightings bolts have been already fashioned in the heaven above filling the skies - just in case." Minor leagues also exist in the region: The Staten Island Yankees; and The Brooklyn Cyclones, as you can never keep Brooklyn out of professional baseball; the fans are wild and loyal."

World Cup of Hockey at the current Madison Square Garden is likewise creating a lot of additional energy in the city's sports fever. A pride too!.

The New York City metropolitan area has nine teams in the four major North American professional sports leagues, each of which also has its headquarters in the city.

New York City's sports fans ahev two very powerful teams within The National Football League: The New York Jets, along with its long history of winning tThe Super Bowl; New York Giants who have their days of glory at the Super Bowl as well/">New York Giants.

Uder the National Hockey League there local representitive hockey teams: The New York Rangers,and The New York Islanders.

With its foot in the International World of Sports The Major League Soccer Professional Sports Association location within the city brings additional International focus of sports in New York City and its Five Boroughs; the local team is The New York Red Bulls.

Everything, really galvanizes the city's sports fever pitch and real sense of a larger and united community ( 37,866 finishers in 2006 ) is the New York City Marathon, the world largest - EVER - EVER Marathon. Go tell the Greeks of Percules, ancient age, their glory is maintained as well. This plus The Millrose Games and The Wanamaker Mile events is no wonder why around 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM you see major joggers at every park, sidewalk and street, along with a special police task force dedicate to provide safety.

The are many like is rough and physically challenging, and thus The Amateur Boxing Golden Gloves being held at Madison Square Garden each year.

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