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New York City is alive with music representing the great diverse cultural landscape of New York City    New York City is the Art Global center which competes open'y with Paris, France for the same title.  New York City's and its five boroughs has one of the most global diverse assortment of clubs, bars, and lounges to choose from.  New York City is a city if you know what you want to dine out for a paticular entree this city will offer it.    If its fashions, New York City lead the way on the International Run Ways of the global of planet Earth.  ~ Thank you.

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The 2012 season of new fashion designs, the discovery of new designers, along with continued anxieties over the economy makes the focus on creativity and marketing innovations all the more important. For some shops critical. as the money is running out! Coutures all over The City are buzzing about on is the recent whose who and what so and so is doing, discovering whats new in recently new forms of fabric creations coming out the Peoples Republic of China, and then later, after a trying day just trying to think, sitting down in plush night club's confortable furniturisings at their various habitas of swank night clubs all up and down Park Avene, Broadway - etc.

Then while sipping their manhattans, taking look around, making eye contact to friend, or stranger or two, during the hussle and bussle of the city's beautiful people likewise lounging around at the club, perfumes and colone from exotic lands floating through-out the clubs atmosphere... all of a sudden, FLASH!, a great new idea! " Like really radical babe," one could say. For designers tension is a very good and trusting thing! Getting up from one's confortable position, and running out, then, as you will know it, tripping up on sidewalk's crack, hailing, cabbie, cabbie, and then, finally, getting in to a cab making a wild dash to their office as they can't wait to hover, and illustrate what in their heads on drawing paper on their design boards. Along the way, with their cells in hand calling for their staff to drop everything and make a bee line back to the shop. " This can't wait babes --- conferencing the calls automatically. I got this great idea hone and what its name, errrr ... the competitive lable ... has not an idea what in store for them next year. Yea really babe. Likes it radical! Get to shop immediately!"

The year has gone by and by and when the final designs are worn the by best of models on the city's leading fashions runways. The designers, one and all sigh, " That was the idea. Beautiful and its mine."

Thats whats the whole story, for the most part, this aspect of New York City's most exotic creative side of within its cultural pulse.

New York City NightLife Trendsetter Entertainment Fashions News Section of The New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC. Wanted are your press releases, along with photos, of ongoing cultural events, when something new is open for business, or trendsetting happenings which you know about. Click on the email below.  ~ Thank you.

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Model PR Image (489x299)

News for Open Model Castings For Charleston Fashion Week 2012 in Charleston, Atlanta & Charlotte This Fall!

PRESSRELEASEFORFREE (Press Release)Aug 23, 2011 Charleston Fashion Week® has announced that in addition to accepting applicants online, they will hold open model castings in Charleston, Atlanta, and Charlotte for the March 20-24, 2012 event. Accredited with discovering and cultivating talent, former CFW models have gone on to land contracts with IMG and Elite and television appearances on America’s Next Top Model. The CW series featuring Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, and Jay Manuel most recently voted Charleston Fashion Week® former model Molly O’Connell as a finalist during season 16 of the successful show.

In conjunction with the Spring Bridal Show, chic after-parties and citywide shopping events, the premier fashion event will feature close to 35 runway shows under the tents in Marion Square. Charleston Fashion Week® organizers look to add as many as 300 male and female models to the event look book this fall. All models that are cast for Charleston Fashion Week® 2012 will receive a gift bag, recognition on the CFW website, and the opportunity to compete in the Rock the Runway Model Competition. For Charleston Fashion Week® details, success stories, model requirements or to register for the regional castings this Fall, visit

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