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New York City Night Life ( NightLife ),RMC Theatre Stage Production Entertainment News
Mary Poppins 9th season of success.
Staring Steffanie Leigh as Mary Poppins and Gavin Lee as Bert
By Roger M Christian, Editor - in - Chief / Publisher
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  Nine great years Mary Poppins has had a major impact upon the Broadway Theatre District of Manhattan, its production at The New Amsterdam Theatre located on 214 West 42nd Street. Just ask any waitress or waiter working at top restaurants adjacent to the Amsterdam, like Mary Louise from Lincoln, Nebraska. " The tips are higher from the crowd who are going to see the show. Mary Poppins hits a unique cord in all of us. Even me, and this cause others to be very generous by the youthful innocent idealistic sentiment the production conveys which is the real impact of Mary Poppins has upon the human spirit." She said this with a real delightful twinkle in her glossy eyes assisting the shine radiating from her sweet dimpled face and smile - by the flash of the rememberance she had of Mary Poppins herself.

Thus entering its upcoming tenth year, and many more years to come according to market reports of its success and interests by the thaetre tickets purchasers " Theres not an end in sight."

Thus looking back: Decades have passed since the Movie Mary Poppins, staring both Julie Andrews at the top of her career, and Dick Van Dyke, as Bert, long time TV comic partner of Mary Tyler Moore, busrt with its magic of music, costumes, scenic sets, the better surprise of clever inclusion of annimate cartoon segments, and very up beat choreography on the Movie Screens, never missing Dick's very rubbery dancing legs at the same, and still the theme, dance, fun entertainment appeal, and music still engrosses the children of today. Of course we can not and must never over-look the importance of those who are just as child like today as they were back when the movie was released.

Both New York City reviewers, though they are themselves becoming a rare breed, and the ticket purchasers all agree, " That the same delightful fun filled energy and profound human youthful teared eyed affects are just as powerful in the stage productions as it did on the big screen decades earlier." Except no one has been able to copy the rubbery dancing legs of Dick Van Dyke.

For more details see the production's website   Mary Poppins
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